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Redemption of coins

We specialize in the repurchase of investment, commemorative, antique coins made of precious metals:





We purchase

Our company purchases all the coins listed on our website as well as any other coins made of precious metals.

The purchase price shown online is the price that we offer at the moment.



1. Please call us or send an application by email specifying the name of the coins, their weight and their number (pcs). Please do not forget to provide your bank details so that we could transfer the money.


2. We will determine the price based on the information given on our website or based on our agreement. 


3. To send your coins you should pack them and use the services of one of the courier companies (UPS, DHL, FedEx).  For your convenience, we can call our delivery partner for you.


4. After we have received your coins our specialist will check them and we will call you to confirm the deal.


5. The payment will be transferred to your bank account on the same day.


6. If for a particular reason the coins were not approved by our specialist, we will send them back to you at our own expense.