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Who owns Moneroinvest.com and who is responsible for the operation of this website?

       - The owner of Moneroinvest.com who is also responsible for the operation of this website is MONEROINVEST OÜ, an Estonian company registered in Tallinn.


-          What languages do you speak?  We speak English, Estonian and Russian.


-          What will happen after I have placed my order?

-          You will be issued an invoice for the product and its delivery. Please pay the invoice on the same day, because we expect to receive your payment within 72 hours. When the payment comes through, we will send the product to the address that you have specified. If the amount exceeds 10 000 EUR, we will ask you to confirm the order by phone.


     What are your payment terms?

     - The payment for the investment coins and ingots should be made by direct bank transfer to our account. You will find all the requisite details on the invoice. We accept payments in EUR.  A credit card can be used to pay for commemorative coins.


    - Where can I pick up my purchase?

    - For the purposes of safety we do not keep any goods at our office. So if you decide not to arrange delivery, you can pick up your purchase in person at the guarded warehouse in Tallinn. 


   - Will my purchase be subject to VAT?

   - Golden coins and ingots are sold without VAT. VAT is also not added to the price of silver coins purchased in Estonia.


  - When can I receive my order?

- We will send your order within 1-2 days of receipt of your payment. Goods are sent from warehouses in Germany and Estonia. The delivery takes 1-3 days to a destination in Europe and 2-4 days to a destination outside Europe.  


- Why do the prices on the website periodically change?

- Investment coins and ingots are sold with a very small mark-up on the current price of the precious metal at the London Stock Exchange. Through our system we see the stock exchange prices in real time, so the prices on our website change every 5 minutes. This makes it possible for our clients to make the best deal.


- What is the minimum order amount?

- The minimum order for investment coins and ingots is 500 EUR. You can place an order of up to 100 00 EUR on our website. If the sum exceeds 100 000 EUR, please contact us by email, phone or Skaip.  


- What is the best way for me to sell my coins?

- Please call us or send us the list of your coins by post. We will offer you the best price for them. If you name the company who has offered you a higher price, we will try to make our offer even more attractive.

The description of the procedure for sending coins and getting money can be found at http://test.moneroinvest.com/sell-to-us.html